Mr Ali Narvani publishes shoulder dislocation article

Mr Ali Narvani co-authors article published in the Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery

London shoulder specialist Mr Ali Narvani was recently published in the Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery. Entitled ‘Posterior Shoulder Instability: The Augmented McLaughlin Procedure’, the article presented another option for the management of chronic posterior dislocations.

Mr Narvani and his fellow authors carried out research at two centres in the UK; Rowley Bristow Orthopaedic Unit in Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Surrey.

The authors posited that posterior shoulder dislocation, while a relatively rare shoulder condition, is frequently missed and often associated with a significant defect on the antero-medial aspect of the humeral head (the reverse Hill-Sachs lesion). There have been several stabilisation techniques developed and the authors described an additional technique by augmenting the reverse Hill-Sachs lesion with layers of extracellular matrix. This filled the humeral defect and reduced the risk of subsequent instability of the shoulder.

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