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The Happiness Factor: living with chronic shoulder pain

A new study published within The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 2017, has revealed the effect shoulder arthroplasty has on a patient’s happiness. A team from Harvard, led by Dr Jon J.P Warner, carried out the research to see just how much of a difference shoulder surgery can make to a patient’s quality of […]

Non-surgical approach recommended for shoulder instability in young athletes

  According to recent research, young athletes suffering from shoulder instability would most benefit from a non-surgical approach. It also revealed a Non-Operative Instability Severity Score tool (NSIS), would help to identify patients at a higher risk, who could require other treatment options. The research, conducted at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic of Carolinas, was presented […]

Golf and the shoulder: how to prevent injury

Golf is often assumed to be a gentle, relaxing sport. However, as professional golfers know only too well, the risk of injury can be pretty high. It is estimated that 62% of amateur golfers suffer a severe injury which impacts their ability to play. In particular, shoulder related injuries in the sport are common. Even […]

Returning to Work After Shoulder Arthroplasty

The number of total shoulder arthroplasties carried out on patients under the age of 55 has seen a significant increase in recent years. As the number of younger patients seeking shoulder surgery continues to increase, returning to work understandably becomes a serious concern. A recent study has reviewed the prognosis for younger patients to return […]

Smoking and Shoulder Surgery Recovery

A new study has revealed that smoking after shoulder surgery can negatively impact the outcome of the procedure, as well as cause increased pain in patients. Smokers were also found to use more narcotics in order to control the pain after surgery, compared to non-smokers. We’ll look at how smoking impacts shoulder surgery recovery and […]

Why are Partial Rotator Cuff Tears Such a Common Injury?

There are many different shoulder injuries a patient can suffer with, but by far one of the most common is the partial rotator cuff tear. The earliest recorded incidence of this type of injury dates back all the way to 1788. Since then, the injury has become a lot more common; especially amongst athletes. Here, […]

Skiing, Snowboarding and the Shoulder

As excitement builds for the start of the Winter Olympics which commences today, the athletes will be entering their very final training and prep stages for one of the most important sporting events in their career. The UK has reportedly doubled its investment in the Winter Olympics due to be held in South Korea, from £13.5m […]

The shoulder is the most common injury site in competitive diving

Competitive diving has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, up until recently, very little research has been carried out to understand the potential injuries involved with this admired and much-loved sport. Now, a new paper written by a sports medicine physician from Loyola Medicine, has revealed some of the risks competitive divers face. Among […]

Surgeons suffering from ‘epidemic’ of shoulder strain

A new study has revealed surgeons are now suffering from more painful shoulders, arms and backs than labourers and coal miners. Previous studies have shown an estimated four out of five surgeons experience significant pain whilst carrying out procedures. Now, the most recent findings show just how damaging work-related injuries can be for a surgeon. […]